Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pat and I are leaving in early October to work for 4-1/2 months at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. It took 2 years to get these jobs. For Pat it's a second time, and here are pictures he took when he was an engineer there in 1991-1992. Above are icesicles formed around a rock in the ocean.
Above is landing on the ice at McMurdo. We'll be there for the Antarctic summer. So much of the ice will melt. Temperatures in January will be similar to those in Denver. But the sun will never set for four months.
This is Pat in front of the Russian research ship that was his ride home when he was there before. The red parka is part of the standard issue cold weather clothing.Photos above and below are McMurdo. I may be working in any of the forty buildings. Pat and I expect to live an a dorm called Hotel California. I requested an ocean view--guess I think I'm going to Club Med. In the photo below the brown building at the lower left is the hut of Scott, the famous explorer of the early 1900s.
This is it for now. More photos to come.