Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here are Pat and me at McMurdo. Everyone here wears these red parkas. They make this weather (from +10 degrees F to -10F) seem quite ordinary. And after all, it is summer here.
Notice the building in the background on the left. All of the buildings here are elevated so that the snow can blow under rather than drifting. Not much snow falls here. In fact, it's one of the driest places on the planet. But the small amount of snow blows around a lot, and the wind can be (but isn't always) ferocious. Starting this week, the sun will be up around the clock until February.


blondewahine said...

Stumbled across your blog by hitting next blog on the top of my blog. Great blog, you are inspirational in that you are doing the whole non-traditional women's work thing. Antartica. That's pretty rad. I have a blog that no one really reads, then i realized i never read anyone else's blog. so i am checking out others. i am in Hawaii, which is a never wear a parka kind of place.
this is my blog:

Tienne said...

Wow, Carol! I'll print these updates out for the back class so even those who can't do the internet can still see your pictures. ;)

Glad to see you made it (those boomerangs sound horrible!) and are settling in and acclimating to the temps and schedule. Looking forward to Halloween?

We miss you!

John Edwards said...

Howdy Carol!
It must be nearly BBQ time there in the land down under the land down under(I think it lasts about two or three days?).

Please be safe, limit the camping if you can, and post more pix...just amazing stuff!

Write when you can!

"Warm" regards to both you & Pat!
John Edwards