Saturday, November 15, 2008

Artarctica Inside

One of my friends said, "National Geographic has shown us what Antarctica looks like outside. Show us what it looks like inside!" This is Pat's and my tiny 8 x 13' dorm room. To get some space, we took the doors off the wardrobes, laid them on their sides, put the doors over them to make a platform, and put the mattresses over that. Storage underneath.
Over 1000 people eat in the dining room each meal. The food is great, always available, and it's free, of course. This picture happens to show all men, but about 1/3 of the population is women.

There are three bars, in three small separate buildings. This one is known as the coffee house. It serves espresso, wine, and liquors. It's my favorite of the 3 because it's quietish. But Sat night is lively.

The central computer room is always busy. We have great email and internet connections. Phone is a local call to Denver, and all other LD calls are billed as if they originate in Denver.

This is the lecture hall in the Crary Science Center. This is where all the research is headquartered. Every Sunday and Wed eves there is a presentation by one of the scientists--ranging from what penguins do to what's happening to the garbage that in past years was deposited in the ocean here. I saw slides of the creatures that live under 20 feet of ice--surprisingly beautiful and colorful a lot like the tropics.

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