Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ice Caves & Boots

Partner Pat and I had an opportunity this week to go inside an ice cave inside a glacer. Wow, was it ever beautiful. Instead of the usual gray limestone of caves I'm used to, this one is all sparkly white. We slid inside on our butts, and then could stand. Perfectly quiet in there except for some crackles of the ice.

It had a cathedral-like feeling.

Some of the formations were swirls.

The ice cave was about a 45-minute slow drive in a special vehicle made to take 18 people over the sea ice. The tires are huge and the ride is bouncy. Hard to see out because the windows get all frosted over.

Whever we leave "town" on an excursion like the ice caves or camping, we wear the boots extreme cold weather gear we were issued. Huge white "bunny boots" are part of that. They're even bigger than my steel toed super insulated work boots, which weigh 5 pounds as a pair, but not as heavy. I used to think that my Colorado hiking boots (far right) were heavy. But when I wear them on Sunday now, they feel like feathers. I can do my aerobic step workout (100 steps up and down) on each leg now wearing the work boots!

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